Sunday, August 25, 2013

Steve Ballmer : Hard man in hard times

Steve Ballmer is all set to give up his CEO post in Microsoft within a year. Ballmer's performance as CEO has not met the expectations that Microsoft has met during the tenure of Bill Gates. The analysis according to data from FactSet reveals the underperformance of his tenure "An investment of $1,000 in January 2000 would now be worth just $767 after reinvesting dividends. The same investment in Apple would be worth $20,120." Ballmer is a hard man and the perseverance he showed is a best example of this trait. Slowly but steadily he ensured a transition to windows 8 and this could prove the best basement for future.
Transition for big companies : Tedious indeed
Look at Blackberry; the company is nowhere here today. The fate is somewhat same for big companies when they start to do the things which they have no expertise in. Blackberry never made tablets and look at their playbooks. The transition is a very slow process in a big company and Microsoft through a tougher Ballmer has achieved it with a much lesser pain - Surface RT and Windows RT are misdirected targets. But the same cannot be said about Windows 8, the smartphones are adopting windows 8 with Nokia Lumia series. The future looks attractive for this platform if Microsoft makes right moves in providing a perfect ecosystem for its OS especially for smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.

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