Monday, September 9, 2013

Lucia Movie Review

A film should be truly judged by what type of emotions it evokes, when we leave the theatre hall. And Lucia is one such movie which stirs a mysterious but still pleasant thoughts in the aftermath of the film.

Dreams vs reality
The film brings about the concept interplay of dreams and reality in a well planned plot. The theatre torch bearer and the superstar Nikki's acting is adorable. The film plot also involves many controversial issues like euthanasia, underworld extraction  and exclusive brand marketing. These issues might seem too far fetched for a simple movie like Lucia. But the editing seems to be perfect and there is not much extravaganza around these issues. Apart from these things the story line keeps a firm grip on the interest of the audience till the end. Though many songs are interspersed, they are nevertheless dull or boring.
The twist of the tale nearing the end piques our conscious significantly. The late twist ensures a reassessment of the film from the beginning in our mind and finally leaves a pretty good impression about the movie. Apart from that the movie is different, has subtle reference to extreme sides of society; overall a nice entertaining and thought provoking movie which is definitely worth seeing.

About Lucia
Lucia is the first crowd sourced film and it is funded entirely by audience.

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Trailer of Lucia

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