Friday, November 15, 2013

Moto G is Google's finest armament

Google brought the Motorola mobility a few months back. The move had raised eyebrows of several observers as it could have hurt the other android smartphone manufacturers. The fear was that the whole integration ecosystem provided by Google would abolish the level playing field.
Google gets it right with Moto G
Moto G is a smartphone with unbelievably low price when the specs are considered. But it isn't the high end smartphone that premium users desire for. The target obviously is the first time users. Google's aim is to afford them their ecosystem so that consumers stick to it. That's what Google's business is all about. It need not have to make business out of selling hardware as the Apple does. For Google the consumer just has to do a Google search, use it's mailing platform and many such things. Google also played safe with Moto X; though priced at a premium range, it was nevertheless a premium smartphone. The differentiation point was in it's customisation. Google ensured that it's strategy in hardware didn't result in bloodshed for other Android manufacturers.

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