Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Article 370 debate : strategic positioning by Modi

Modi's recent statements on JK's special status looks a strategic positioning ahead of national elections due in the coming months. Modi categorically says that the Article 370 need to be debated whether it is doing good or harm. The absence of a direct pitch to withdraw such special status points towards a softened outlook towards the sensitive issue. But by and large, Modi has not even yet endorsed the status and just asked for a consensus before commenting on such issues. The move is also a subtle indicator to the electorate that the man is ready for dialogue for resolving issues.
RSS stand diluted ?
RSS has always been against the special status and indicates that it is against the law. It views the law as an hinderance to integration of state's people with rest of the country. So, has Modi undermined RSS by calling for a debate? Certainly not yet, Modi has chosen to be non committal and instead called for a debate on the issue. RSS stand is not yet sidelined but Modi is known to be a kicker to all those who doesn't toe his line at the end. Modi right now is still in waiting for the PM post and he knows today is a time for compromise but if tomorrow he occupies the PM chair, his words will be more decisive rather than calling for a debate.

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