Thursday, December 12, 2013

Great Online Shopping Festival : Part 2 is here

The Google backed GOSF : Great Online shopping festival is here again exactly after a year. Look in this link for the piece on the previous year's GOSF. Now this year's GOSF seems more impressive with deep discounts on some categories which matches the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Online shopping : The new buzz
Online shopping has seen a tremendous growth over the period of one year. Many entrants like Amazon(in disguise of Jabong) and later Amazon itself signifies the potential of the market. Flipkart did receive massive boosts of significant capital atleast twice during this period.

Tapping customers in one day delivery 
One day delivery is being offered in selected cities. By significantly reducing the lag time, this model might increase the percentage of people preferring online delivery.
The entry of the likes of Amazon, funding for Flipkart and improved delivery systems are all pointing towards maturity of this segment. Nevertheless, this GOSF might not be a great hit but definitely far ahead of the previous form.
P.S(for GOSF buyers) : Some site mentioned a curious note about Black Friday deals,"These deals are simply a stock clearance project for big companies or a deliberate hold on discounts till holiday season. So, don't fall into the trap". 
Here in India, GOSF comes after Black Friday deals.   

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