Saturday, October 3, 2015

LinkedIn: "I am hiring. I have mulptiple openings in Australia, Singapore....." scam

If you are on LinkedIn, you might have come across these messages being liked or commented by on of your professional friends out there.  
“I am hiring. I have multiple openings in Australia, Singapore, UK, USA and UAE. Please like or comment here and also write your industry so that I can review your profile”
One thing you would notice that the number of likes and comments for such posts are in thousands. Have you ever wondered how they are reviewing all of those profiles? 

Personal boost or a typical scam 

The creators of such messages may actually trying to boost their presence in LinkedIn and such types may be innocuous. Imagine it is a part of a larger scam where your contact information is being used for other things; get ready for many spam mail in your inbox. 

In either way they are not hiring; and also do not fall into the trap of sharing your whatsapp numbers for job post sharing. You are letting them into your smartphone this time through whatsapp.

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