Friday, May 10, 2013

New chief minister Siddaramiah's : A difficult ascent to throne

K Siddaramaiah is all set to become the new chief minister of Karnataka. An interesting point to note here is his past affiliations.
Favorite fifth child
In the past, Siddaramaiah was associated with H.D Devegowda and was considered as one of Gowda's favourite so much so that some used to say Siddaramaiah was treated as if he was Gowda's fifth male heir. K Siddaramaiah served as deputy chief minister in the Congress-JDS coalition headed by Dharam Singh. But as the winds changed, he was routed out of the party for nurturing chief ministerial ambitions. K Siddaramaiah joined congress, Dharam Singh government fell, BJP-JDS 20-(2)00 came and the rest his history.
Gowda's bane turning into boon twice ...
Yediyurappa who was denied CM post in 20-20 agreement and was at the receiving end of Gowda's ire finally ended up as CM in the next state elections. K Siddaramaiah was also on the receiving end when he was forced to resign from deputy chief minister post. Gowda's team was hell bent on making K Siddaramaiah loose in his Varuna constituency during that time. Despite this Siddaramaiah managed to win although with a narrow margin then. But this time he has won with a huge majority and his party has crossed the half way mark. Yediyurappa was though not able to deliver his five years term because of his controversial dealings. What happens to Siddaramaiah tenure will be a wait and watch game. The most important advantage Siddaramaiah enjoys is the absolute majority in the assembly which the former didn't had and eventually the main reason for his decline.

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