Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Not everyone wants to lead and it's fine"

My dear exciting opportunity,
Listen to me first!!!

Imagine a situation where 100 individuals are there in an island and all are leaders. Then what will they do? Will they be able to lead anyone? If yes, whom? If everyone leads then will it be in 100 directions? If so, it will be an absolute mess!!!
At time the mighty human brain thinks in one direction. I feel it’s so called thinking inside a box, within the boundaries, because it sounds logical and possible. But reality is different. If somebody tries to think outside the box, he or she may find zillions of directions. But will these directions be the “right directions/ways” There are many right ways. What is not right might not be wrong. In fact there are no right or wrong ways. It's all about the perspectives.

In past few days things changed around me. It was drastic change. As usual, I thought “only change is permanent” so it's ok, and was spending one day at a time, by pausing thoughts, relaxing, and letting go the complications. But those two ears of mine heard some news. The drastic change had brought golden opportunities, those who grab it, will be lucky. People around me considered I may be the one “among the lucky ones”. The news had created a mini 3rd world war in my mind. What I was, what I am, What I want to be, What is happening? The answers became questions, and the questions gave birth to new questions. With very difficulties, I controlled the mind that was running like crazy horse. What world wants from me was different from what my mind wanted. The feeble voice inside me strengthened. It started shouting out loud. No I don't want to become a leader. I don't want to lead. Was it a drawback or a negative feeling or a wrong way? I don't think so. Because there are many right ways. Long back I had decided to design my career, and not to go in the direction of leading people. I was happy with the opportunities I was getting throughout, was proceeding in my own path, by pausing at times to savor the flavors of life. I was not in competition with anyone else, but wanted to be the better than the person I was yesterday. All of sudden, I was instructed to lead. People around me thought it was a good suggestion, and very helpful for my professional growth. People around me thought, it was the right time to grab the opportunity and transform. As I was not interested, I did not respond. I did not have the guts to deny publicly, due to the lessons I learnt from past ((i.e. people in general won't appreciate someone pointing out their mistakes and rejecting their ideas openly). I preferred to be in silent mode with blank expressions. The story did not end here. People failed to recognize my lack of interest in leadership and failed to start their hunt for suitable candidate. On the other hand, the pressure started building up around me. At times, people become so adamant, to get the things done, and they unknowingly crossed the finest and delicate line of “limits”. When things cross the limits, they tend to go out of control.

Again and again time has proved that, I am not a good performer when i sit on fire. No, the pressure won't create some magic to take best out of me. But the “on fire” situation strengthened my decision, cleared doubts and helped in defining me. Self-realization always helps me to clear my visions. The message was very clear. “If that is your way, well and good. But that is not my way. I am not a mirror to reflect you. I reflect myself, not someone else. To get the things done, if you expect me to metamorphose, I’ am so sorry, you knocked wrong door. Find the right key first, to open right door. I don't want to be a leader, and I am proud of it. By not wanting to become a leader i am not moving backwards, but moving in an alternative way towards excellence. I repeat again, there are many right ways, and I would love to go, where my heart and soul drives me to go. I don't want to be accountable for others work, does not mean I am selfish or incompetent. Yes, I do like the company of softwares, applications gadgets more than the company of homosepians. I will go and take accountability of the things that I like to take. Guide me, if you want to, but don't take the decisions on my behalf, as i have not appointed anyone to take decisions of my life.

You cannot reach to me when i wish you not to reach me, and I do not think too much about getting the things done. As someone told, autonomy, mastery and purpose are my real motivators. Where there is pressure, ideas to fix things will not evolve, as the new ideas need relaxing and encouraging environment to sprout. All the best for your treasure hunt, hope you realize you are wasting your time and energy on wrong one. And last but not a least, Go get A life. Pause, breathe, and continue, you will assess the things better!!!

With lots of concern,

Most irritated soul (in Do-not-disturb mode)

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