Friday, August 26, 2016

WhatsApp and Facebook’s data sharing agreement: Guide to opt out

Facebook has finally realized that it wants to gain something from it’s multi billion dollar buy. So it simply wants too improve Facebook ads and product experiences by using your whatsapp data. So in case you find it too intrusive and desire to opt out. Here are two methods to do it right now even if you have already agreed to the terms  

Method 1
  • Tap “Read” before you tap 'Agree' to accept Facebook's updated 'Terms of Service and Privacy Policy',.
  • Toggle to the bottom of the screen to see “control”
  • ‘Uncheck' the box or 'toggle' the control

Method 2

So if you have already agreed to Facebook's updated 'Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’, still there is a way out but you only have a 30 days window period to roll back your agreement. 
  • Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info inside the app. 
  • ‘Uncheck' the box or 'toggle' the control.
Finally, Facebook plays a classical Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) game
Once you uncheck the box or toggle the control, you will be asked,
“Are you sure you don’t want to use your WhatsApp account information to improve your Facebook ads and products experiences? If you tap don’t share, you won’t be able to share this in the future.”
So it is a take it or lose it offer where many people would prefer better losing it.

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