Thursday, September 29, 2016

The pendulum and our mind

Human mind is like a pendulum. It's very cunning and dangerous. And to all those who claim that they can control it; I have only one word "bullshit". You can never control it; that's why it's called as mind. That's why it creates some temporary things like emotions. How can you ever control a temporary thing? Can you ever control whose core actually is based on unpredictability. If you are controlling it; then you are living in a foolish world. It's going to take shape in something else. And it's dangerous; very dangerous. Don't try to control it. It's like sitting on a silent volcano. It can burst up anytime. Become an observer of your mind. Just observe how it oscillates like a pendulum. Finally it will settle down. Allow for that to happen by itself. If you try to control the pendulum, you are building a tremendous momentum inside the pendulum. Once you reach the tipping point; the pendulum oscillates with much more force. At that point, you can't even observe that will be it's speed. You have all these days given power to it. You think someone else has stirred up your emotions; but basically it's you who has given the ultimate force to pendulum. Become aware of yourself. Live in the moment; observe the cunning, pendulum like mind; allow it to settle. By doing so you are choosing happiness over other emotions that you are mind creates. You are choosing ecstasy over other feeling. By doing so the whole perspective of life changes. Try it; if you fail try it again; failed a thousand times? Try it again. Because at the end "it's worth it"

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