Wednesday, February 15, 2017

[Book review]: Hooked: How to build habit forming products

"Behaviors done with little or no conscious thought "
The above is the definition of habit and this book describes how to recreate them in customers.
Nir Eyal's "Hooked" is a must read for those who are working on products that have the potential to make an impact on masses.
The detailed strategies used by the companies that are habit forming are clearly mentioned.
The book can be read with two main objectives
- Learn about how to build habit forming products
- Know the psychology behind habit forming products and try to avoid the trap
The remember and share section combined with do this now section will give a lot of headway into applying the concepts practically.
I tried to follow one of them and saw 4-5 people mindlessly juggling through Facebook stream. But at the end of the day, I was also doing the same sometime. But now that I am aware of it, probably will be reducing/stopping that mindless act soon. Well I have reached one of the objective, go ahead and read to fulfill your objectives.

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