Tuesday, February 21, 2017

[Book review]: The art of persuasion: winning without intimidation

"Respond don't react" 
The above quote is quoted ubiquitously but how to respond is not illustrated as much as the quote.
This Bob Burg's book gives us a lot of practical examples on how to respond to situations with other known or anonymous individuals. The author's understanding of the issue is so clear cut that he sometimes use the technique mentioned on readers too.
The only drawback of this awesome book is the feeling of redundancy of some topics. But a cup of coffee will certainly get past those hiccups. It's a must read for all those who are short tempered and tend to lose or gain nothing from other people because of their negative traits. If you aren't that type, then chill back and read to enhance the quality of your interactions.
The real life examples are nice but may not be applicable to all culture. So, take the advice with a pinch of salt in case you start applying the techniques en block.
The book is worth a read and I would like my readers not to react by just reading this, but to respond by buying and reading this book. Ah! I have acquired quite a bit of persuasion from this book.

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