Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dear 9-5 future entrepreneurs: a gentle warning

Bored of your 9-5 job ? Want to throw yourself into your passion and be your own boss ? Well if you are ready to abandon your comfort zone, then that's just the beginning of your uncomfort zone. I bet you will feel many times that comfort zone would have been better.
Not easy as it looks
Being your own boss seems blissful. That's exactly because you are looking at other side and seeing the greener grass. No it isn't; being your own boss will give you more responsibilities than ever before. You will do the things that are not at all related to your passion. You are on your own; your HR, marketing, PR, sales, idea generation and iteration and umpteen other things are solely your headache.
Will freak you at the core
I bet most of the successful entrepreneurs have gone through this phase. You would most probably go through this phase.
"Everything that can go wrong will...."
Murphy's law
Yes and this applies to entrepreneurship. You have a great team, idea, product and initial traction. Can it go wrong now ? Yes it can because it can go wrong. And you can't even help it. You need to be persistent. That's called GRIT.

Creativity is not the ultimatum
So this is a fairly common misconception; my present field is not encouraging me to be creative and you jump on startup bandwagon to create something. You are definitely in with a bit wrongly placed notation. Your creativity can take a massive hit and mundane things may fill up your free time many times. Creativity is just a part of entrepreneurship. There is lot many things important in entrepreneurship; learning, managing, persistence, intuition. And they all are not as glamorous as being creative with a paint and brush.
I am not being negative about entrepreneurship. I am just being practical. But still you can jump, because at the end, "It will be all worth it"

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