Sunday, March 12, 2017

[Book review]: Mossad: The great operations of Isreal's secret service

Mossad: The great operation of Isreal's secret service 
So what should I call this book? A thriller roller coaster ride. The perfect and genuine description of the world's most ferocious intelligence agency. The author provides a neutral and gripping narrative of the accounts.
Many successes intermingled with some albeit serious failures of the Mossad has been elegantly converted into a book. Start reading and I would bet that you don't need to watch some spy action thrillers for days. Every chapter in the book is an episode of some action thriller series. The narrative and the incidents; both are elegant and make this book a must read for all the undercover bookworms ;) Go read it and be a witness to the action that unfolds just in front of your eyes; world's most successful and ferocious yet fascinating intelligence agency's story.
A bit idea about the geopolitical issue pertaining to Isreal and surrounding Arab countries is essential. If not just read about them as you go or else you will be bit tad lost in the details.

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