Thursday, July 31, 2008

Net identity stolen

What to do if ur net identity is stolen and somebody sends a malicious e-mail which is highly punishable, you will be lodged in a jail. Remember what happened in Shivaji Case, an innocent was lodged in jail for many months. So how to prove that the message is not sent by your computer, I got a useful bit of information in a paper..........
Go to run
Type cmd and open it
In that type ipconfig/all
In that there will be something called physical address which is a 12 digit number or words two by two separated by a dash. If somebody hacks your mail account and sent a mail your IP address will be there on it but this unique MAC media access control or physical address will not be copied.

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Harish - ಹರೀಶ said...

Well, you can trace the PC used to send the email but you can't really guess who's the person sending that mail, right?
Or even worse, if the NIC is replaced after sending the email, tracing the PC also becomes impossible..

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