Friday, October 17, 2008

Delete themes in your mobiles only : S60 3rd version mobiles - Nokia N77 E61i E65 N93i N91 8GB E62 E50 5500 N73 N80 N71 N92 E70 E60 E61 N81 N82 N76

For this first you have to hack (to install unsigned applications in your phone), you can do this by following the steps given in the following link

Click here for the link

After following the steps in the above link you will get Caps on and Caps off in your apllication menu
1) press caps off, the screen flashes for a second

2)now go to X-plore and go to configuration by pressing menu and then going to tools or simply press 0; in the configuration mark the first four column

3)In the memory card go to private

4)Then go to subfolder 10207114

5)Then again to a subfolder import

6)The import folder contains your themes and they are in the form of subfolders. The names of the themes are not easily detectable. The subfolders that is theme folders will be like 565bbhyilkhjjl or here it is 5d665......... you have to click on that particular folder and the files in it contains the theme names. Here the theme name is itsbroke.

7)You have to delete the folder 565bbhyilkhjj or here 5d665......... if you want to delete the theme itsbroke

Or in some themes the files also are in the form of bbhyilkhjjl or here d71c246......,here the files are in the form of themepackage

here the files are in the form of themepackage and you cant get your theme name so click on themepackage.mbm to get the image of you theme from which you can identify
the theme.

If you want to delete this theme so delete that d71c246......folder

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