Saturday, August 28, 2010

Olympic torch Virus what next to do ?

Its so hilarious that we receive such messages and here is the quote from wikipedia on what to do next
Olympic Torch is a computer virus hoax sent out by e-mail. The hoax e-mails first appeared in February 2006. The "virus" referred to by the e-mail does not actually exist. The only effect is that the warning email itself is widely circulated as a chain letter. The hoax e-mail warns recipients of a recent outbreak of Olympic Torch viruses, contained in e-mails titled "Invitation", which erase the hard disk of the user's computer when opened. The hoax email further purports the virus to be acknowledged by such reputable sources as CNN, McAfee and Microsoft as one of the most dangerous viruses yet reported. In reality, the Olympic Torch virus is non-existent, and generally has not been reported by the organizations quoted. A similar version of this hoax is the Postcard Image virus hoax which refers to another non existent virus known as POSTCARD. The Postcard variation has been in circulation at least since 2008[1]
Anti-virus specialists agree that recipients should delete virus hoaxes when they receive them, instead of forwarding them

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