Sunday, September 25, 2011

100 SMS a day per sim from september ! What a shabby decision

The telephone regulatory authority of India(TRAI) has been sticking to its plan of limiting the number of sms per each sim to 100. The reason for this according to TRAI is it will keep a hold on the unsolicited promotion
messages being circulated. Instead of punishing the wrong doers, the TRAI is trying to punish all the consumers. Todays generation can never live on just 100 sms a day. It has become an important mode of commumication as important as voice calls. Why only limit sms then? Limit the voice calls also. Limit even data also. Wake up TRAI people, we want solution to problem without affecting the rights people enjoy. Get a perfect readdresal system to reduce the number of promotional sms, where wrong doers must be fined with a huge penalty. And everyone knows not all promotional companies use a sim
to carry on their agenda through sms. At the end, the consumers are unfairly targeted in this battle against promotional smses :(


Rahul said...

How in the world will this ban cure anything? Pesky calls and msgs will still come and this completely overrules our right to freedom and expression! And if we have bought a sms pack they cant stop us from using it! This is completely outrageous.... They need to void this act as soon as possible!

Rahul said...

This is a very Bad move from TRAI. It seems that they are restrctng our life they r nt leting us 2 live our life freely.... instead of bringing such change govt should thnk about other matters also which is still pending and no actions have been imposed yet then why this TRAI rules...... this was d only medium for every1 2 keep contact n u r restrctng dis...... tats a very bad move and govt should withdraw this rule asap... M requesting on behalf of every person of our country to withdraw dis rule n let us live our life freely....... hope d needfull will be done soon....

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