Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bollywood taking Indians for a ride ...

Till now it was the politicians who use to take the voters in India on a ride by announcing a variety of schemes to woo the voters and forget them as soon as they enter the corridor of powers. But watch out, the Bollywood is also doing the same thing. Shrewd marketing strategies are being employed by the biggies in the Bollywood for their launches ensuring that  people flock to the multiplexes for the first few days. Even before people begin to realise that the movie is not worthwhile watching, they would have reaped the profits in that incubation period of two to three days. So in Bollywood you don't need a great script for a film success but a simple shrewd marketing strategy. This is what happened with the recent release of Shah Rukh Khan starer Ra-One. And many more will be coming. So watch out, choose the films, punish the film makers for a bad script so that they would improve to give us a good script in their upcoming ventures.

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