Thursday, November 17, 2011

The craziest of the Uttar Pradesh Elections

Uttar Pradesh has been playing a pivotal role in the national politics till now. It sends 80 MPs to Lok Sabha, highest for any state in the country.It also elects 400 MLAs to its state assembly. Present Chief Minister Mayawathi has shrewdly passed a cabinet division to divide the state into four parts
  • Poorvanchal
  • Harit Pradesh
  • Bundelkhand
  • Central UP
The formation of these states might take a long time but what Mayawathi has done successfully here is the change of caste equations in the state to her advantage just by passing the resolution. 4 perceived states, 4 main parties - BSP, BJP, SP & INC fighting it out and plenty of other factors makes the upcoming UP elections one of the most craziest and unpredictable in the history.

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