Sunday, December 4, 2011

It is Sreeramalu all de way in Bellary Rural Bypoll

The results are out, the Bellary Rural constituency has again backed the incumbent MLA Sreeramalu, who had resigned after he was dropped from the cabinet due to his name appearing in the alleged mining scam. Sreeramalu preferred to contest independently and take on the BJP and also accused the party of betrayal. The high profile election saw the group of top leaders from the state BJP campaigning for its candidate vigorously. It was a matter of great importance for the scam hit government to prove itself but has failed to do so. The results could be a turning point for the first ever BJP government of the south. As the government struggles to complete its 5 year term, Sreeramalu will be firing bullets to dispatch the Government. He is known to have influence over considerable number of MLA's which could pose a threat to the Government if they tend their resignations. The BJP on the other hand is roping in the Independents to avoid any threat to the Government.
The results of Bellary Rural Constituency stands out like this
Sreeramalu - 74,527 votes
B Ramaprasad INC - 27,737 votes
P Gadilingappa BJP- 17,366 votes
Sreeramalu has won the elections by a huge margin nearing the 50,000 mark. The JDS had not even fielded a candidate. But had tactically supported Sreeramalu. The political realignment might have begun a bit way back but is showing its first signs now. One of the prominent Muslim Leader of JDS has campaigned vigorously for Sreeramalu.
How much this result will affect the stability of the government will be a wait and watch game for the people of Karnataka.

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