Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A day without Wikipedia

Wikipedia is opting for blackout on Wednesday to protest the draconian SOPA and PIPA acts. So here is a day to experience a day without our favourite wiki. A normal man would never have any impact of this one. But being a fairly active netizen, you would definitely get annoyed if you are not getting the wiki inks in the first few search results. So why getting annoyed for that? Try clicking on other links for your search keywords, you will know how much you will be lost or you would just be going in just one particular direction. The most comprehensive wiki would surely be missed a lot. And guess what this website is a non-profit thing. Wiki raises funds through donations from readers and companies. So it's latest drive to raise 20million $ was over in a matter of few days. This shows the popularity of this wonderful website nicknamed wiki. So at the end of the blackout day, we netizens would surely say "we miss u wiki"

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