Sunday, January 1, 2012

First convince or else Confuse - The lokpal fiasco

The Lokpal bill was not able to be passed in the recently concluded session of the parliament. We still have to wait and see whether it is a possibility in the next upcoming budget session. But what the politicians have done in a sophisticated way is the confusion they have created around the fiasco. Both the ruling and the opposition accuse each other of sabotaging the process of passing the bill. So our politicians who were unable to convince the people by bringing in an effective anti-corruption bill has eventually confused the people at large. The bill was introduced in the Loksabha, passed without a constitutional status. And finally could not even go to vote in the Rajya Sabha. There was allegations that the law was toothless when it was introduced first in the Lok Sabha. But look at the magic created by our politicians; no one speaks about the basic flaws in the bill but now they are involved in pointing fingers against each other for not passing the bill. At the moment the atmosphere created is whatever may be the shape of the bill, passing of the bill would be the greatest achievement. So the government has practically achieved something out of this and the law would be put into our mouths in the coming sessions. Let us wait and see how the drama unfolds in the coming days...

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