Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 reasons why I hate using Facebook in iOS

1) Share button has disappeared
Ever liked a post of your friend so much to repost it. iOS does not have this option. I may have to switch to my windows laptop to do so.Is it Apple's way of disliking facebook ?
2)Best video tragedies
The best videos which I want to watch and click on it .... Loading ..... The movie cannot be played on your mobile.... Facebook way of insulting Apple by calling its smartphone and tablets just a mobile ?
3)Refreshingly stale
The refresh option makes me read the stale messages all over again and again for umpteen times by popping it as a new message till the iOS device becomes fed of it !!!
4)Lost in the Chat Box
Chat box is another area where it losses us and also u will be lost chatting with your buddies
iOS users does not even know what it is ;)

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