Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What world really wants from you - Control

Control over others is the basic dogma that everyone tries to follow in life. From the moment one is born, various things start controlling . Parents start controlling the child and make the child think in their preferred path rather than letting the child choose its own. Then comes the religion which also wants a greater control of people. As Mark Twain said " Religion is opioid for masses", religion continues to destroy the independent thinking of individuals by forcing them to accept the existing norms. And then the government which wants the exclusive control over its citizen. It is a big vicious cycle which you can hardly escape. You want to control someone; and eventually succeed in it but only to be controlled by someone else. The moment you escape from this controlled environment the enlightenment begins. The freedom to think independently takes an individual to a higher level. It is in this state does an individual can experience the ultimate happiness.

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