Monday, June 25, 2012

Eternity lies within oneself

When I watched the Kung fu panda for the first time, I sensed a feel of awakening when I learnt that there was no secret ingredient in life. And the mirror which reflects pandas face depicts that life is always how we conceive. Our abilities are infinite but we are strangled by our previous experiences; we fail to look beyond and we begin to rot from within.
A small story which explains this
"A man in his thirties was a successful business honcho. He had everything he dreamed of. But his chase for money and power never ended. This led to a feeling of emptiness in his inner feelings. He finally decides to leave everything; and go in search of nirvana or the peace. On doing so he enters the mystic Himalayan ranges; only to find few sages in the end. Unfortunately no one could guide him to the ultimate peace. Finally, one old sage suggested him that on the other side of the nearby mountain has a beautiful lake and anyone could gain the ultimate truth by reaching there. But the path to that particular place was very tortuous. The man made up his mind and with all the efforts was successful in reaching that lake. But to his surprise he couldn't find anyone there except a beautiful lake. He moved towards the lake and he could only see the image of himself. Disappointed with the result, the man starts returning from there. On his way back he meets the same old monk who had suggested him that place and says to him that all he could find was a crystal clear image of himself and nothing else.
And the old man replied "My dear son, life is also same, it is just the reflection of your thoughts and nothing else"

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