Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google acquires Quickoffice : inroads into iOS ?

"We are delighted to announce that Quickoffice has been acquired by Google!....."
As the above mentioned mail popped up in my inbox signed by Alan Masarek(co-founder and CEO of quickoffice), I was also delighted to see that. Quickoffice provides tools to edit Office documents on various platforms. Quickoffice was my preferred tool for editing documents in iOS. But working through it came at a price though; as it is a paid application in iOS platform. But now that it is acquired by Google, I could well be hoping to see a free and very quality platform to edit my documents in my iOS devices. And by acquiring quickoffice, Google can infiltrate more devices especially the iOS devices. Seems like a good bet by Google especially for providing productivity solutions to smartphones and tablets and help Google to take on Microsoft which is restricting its Office platform only to Windows 8 devices.

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