Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Apple's iTunes hit Indian shores : a better fight with flyte

The much awaited wait for Indian iOS owners has ended today with the launch of the iTunes Store for Indian market which features music tracks, movies and video songs. And quite rightly they have given the Bollywood a big thumbs up by giving it a top priority.
Apple gets the pricing right everywhere
I hope this is what Apple is especially good at. At the launch of the iTunes in USA long back, one of the main ingredient which finally paid off was the right pricing. 0.99$ for a song!!! But now they have learnt the secret ingredient and replicating it everywhere. Priced at an average Rs. 12 per song iTunes Indian store has cut the throat of the competition with flyte store operated by flip kart, whose pricing is on a upper side of Rs. 15. The fight may force flyte to bring down the prices eventually. But Apple has certainly got its first move right by pricing it low as Indian consumers are always a bit price sensitive. With an awesome and closed integration, Apple might not have much competition left out on the hardware front. But the real problem is the scarcity of Apple stores in India. May be this is where the apple should get it right the next time, the stores, the pricing of products, and the subsidy akin to USA model. Apple can't ignore India because we are the future of world economy. Is Apple listening?

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