Sunday, January 13, 2013

Manmohanomics vs Modinomics

The 2014 general elections could set the stage for Manmohanomics vs Modinomics. The developments in both the parties suggest that this could be the case. But nevertheless it can be as far as unknown vs unknown, when we consider the probability in politics.
Manmohanomics : The projected one
The Congress wants to ride high on some of its economic performance (so-called); may it be the the direct cash transfer-Aadhar project or the opening of FDI to retail that may benefit farmers in the long run. They are also on backfoot because of numerous high profile scams. The impact of such scams on electorate might be a difficult thing to predict . The bottom line is they are projecting the economics of Monmohan Singh and it is highly unlikely that shy Rahul Gandhi will anytime come to the center stage. The bitterness of UP elections where the projection did nothing to the Congress numbers might prevent them from projecting the Yuvraj as the candidate for the top post. So, in all ways it could be the Manmohan Singh who would be leading the foray into the general elections.
Modinomics : The better bet for BJP
Narendra Modi has aggressively marketed his development policies. Modi, unlike Manmohan Singh has infact delivered by keeping policy paralysis at bay and encouraging the investment mood in Gujrat. But all round development is yet to become a reality. But the point to be taken seriously is he is delivering. The BJP might well be loosing much options; looking at its present situation, the party might be better off if it bets big on Modi. The Hindi heartland where it dominates has already seen the peak rise of the party. The numbers are sure to dwindle here. The gateway to South, Karnataka has delivered a very unfavorable governance over the last 5 years and the numbers may not even match the half the tally this time. The projection of Modi might give BJP a shot in the arm where a delivering, incorruptible Modi will take on Manmohan Singh, in short Modinomics vs Manmohanomics.

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