Friday, March 15, 2013

Light the day with a lemon

Starting a day with lemon water provides stamina to your life as well as acts as a strong warrior against diseases.
Heat the water until it starts boiling. Cut the lemon into two halves, squeeze juice from one half & pour it into hot water. Allow the water to cool down a bit. And here is ready luke warm lemon water with enormous benefits.
• Drinking lemon water every day, early in the morning, (empty stomach) is an excellent way to reduce weight. Little honey can be added to lemon water. Lemon detoxifies body while honey offers energy.  Both are enriched with anti- oxidants. Addition of honey also enhances the power to fight over allergies.
• Drinking lemon water in the morning also helps to replenish the water content to skin. Skin looks fresh, and hydrated. You may think why warm water why not cold water? Cold water adds stress factor to body. On the other hand warm water also helps in peristalsis, activates GI tract. Lemon contains citric acid, but in body after metabolism it provides alkaline residues, and this alkaline environment is beneficial to body.

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