Thursday, April 25, 2013

The de Gaulle and Gayle effect

de Gaulle mindset
"When communicating, what really counts is the mindset of communicators, the power and resources stand next"
Charles de Gaulle, an isolated general with very few following proved this effect. On the negotiation table with Winston Churchill, he was ridiculed for his loss of followers and legitimacy. But de Gaulle resisted such downgrading by arguing that if he was nothing, then Winston Churchill wouldn't be speaking to him.
Gayle effect
The recent outbursts by Gayle suggests that he has taken power, resources and communication to the opposition turf while dealing with them.
de Gaulle vs Gayle approach
The success of interview is enhanced if we have de Gaulle approach. This view has been endorsed since ancient times. But for long time approach Gayle's approach may be more apt.

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