Monday, July 1, 2013

The debacle after Uttarakhand's floods

International charity ActionAid's claim "construction of hydroelectric dams and mining projects over the last decade in the state's many valleys has  threatened its fragile ecosystem."
The flash floods could have been taken care of by the nature if the soil had that capacity. The diversion of rivers, digging of tunnels might have caused irreparable damage to soil strength.
The Uttarkhand's response to disaster is a disaster...
Banning the building along the river banks!
The rivers may change direction in extreme conditions. The flash floods definitely encroaches the non-bank's building. Instead of addressing the crux of the issue, this is just a symptomatic knee jerk reaction. Not even a mention about big projects affecting the ecosystem.  The power hungry nation is eager to take a hit on environment in a blind pursuit of development.

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