Thursday, August 15, 2013

Creating value is the best way ...

Creating value for others is the best way to lead a successful life. So how does this creating value so important in everyone's life.
The entrepreneur way 
Entrepreneur creates values for potential  and existing customers. Value creation is the only way they can survive in cut throat competition. A new idea born out of a creative mind will be judged by how much value it creates in the real world. The customer's reaction to such a product should be WOW! to succeed. Here, the customer gets a value addition because of that innovative idea.
The employee way
The employee is also contributing to creating value for the employer or in some cases directly to the customers.
Either way, value creation is the most important thing in order to succeed. It has got a simple logic "When you help others create value, the reward will be thrown back at us in one or the other way"

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