Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Slideshark : The powerpoint app

"Powerpoint on iPad and iPhone, the way it was meant to be seen."
The slideshark websites displays these words and they are right in declaring these words. Slideshark app for iOS devices is the best in the market for both storing and viewing powerpoint presentations in iOS devices.

Slideshark : the advantage
Slideshark offers cloud storage for the powerpoint presentaions. In addition, it downloads the presentations in the exact format we get in Microsoft office. The compatibility issues for some smartart graphics and many animations and images are addressed efficiently. The laser pointer which can be controlled by other devices like iPhone is also a cool feature to look out. Slideshark team edition offers still more flexibility for working on cloud for multiple users.
Slideshark is a free app and offers 100 MB of free cloud storage. Additional storage can be purchased from available plans.

Link to Slideshark website 

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