Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Smart pricing for smart devices

One of the Reuters blog that I stumbled upon had an interesting fact dissected out of a subscription plans from A closer look at those plans reveals the priorities set by nytimes in terms of customers. The target is no doubt, the smartphones and tablets users. Here is the extract from the blog
"access to plus a phone app is $15 every four weeks, access to the website plus the tablet app is $20, and access to the website plus both phone and tablet apps is $35. Which logically means that access to the website itself is worthless. (If A+B=15, and A+C=20, and A+B+C=35, then A=0.)"
The strategy is all clear from these pricing polices. Several publishing houses have been able to identify that it's potential customers who will pay are those with sophisticated devices and would like to access from an app in such devices. The publishers have, therefore resorted to a smart pricing policy for these smart devices.

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