Sunday, February 23, 2014

The tale of an unwanted uprising

The India Against Corruption went a long ahead in persuading an unwilling government to consider a Jan Lokpal bill. The intentions were clear, the RTI was useful in only extracting the information, whereas the prosecuting power was still destined with the ruling elite and Jan Lokpal was a right step against it.
The metamorphosis into AAP
The faction from IAC broke from this idea and went on to create a political outfit which would usher in this reality of Jan Lokpal and a corruption free governance. The idea and intentions seems to be quite honest but the handling seems to be more rhetoric rather than performance. The fabulous debut in Delhi assembly elections had created a huge expectation from AAP to deliver. The expectations soon were punctured as AAP started playing to the tunes of populism rather than concentrating on power. The dharna, the subsidy sagas, the anti-corruption investigations; all were aimed at showing the public rather than aimed at creating any long term real benefits.
Leader : The definition at fault
The idea of leadership which Kejriwal flaunts has a basic defect in itself. He persuades for a more participation from citizens in the decision making process. Participatory democracy is welcome to a certain extend but beyond a limit it leads to chaos. If the power is distributed heavily to the peripheral units, are we not welcoming the rise of likes of tribal units of ancient times. The need of the hour is of an efficient leader. A leader who can focus on relevant problems and designate competitive individuals or authorities for welfare programs. A group of people or mob will favor a resolution which can instantly gratify them but a true leader must move away from this short sightedness and look beyond the smaller things. Unfortunately, Kejriwal is playing to the tunes of mobs and only speaking of larger things which he has no idea or way forward to implement them.
The lost opportunity ?
The IAC and initially the AAP also had given some glimpse of hope into a more efficient corruption free environment. The principles of AAP looks certainly a copy of leftist agenda, which is surely going to promote the present corruption mindset on the long run. The IAC in the meanwhile has lost its sheen and even it's chief crusader Anna Hazare no longer seems to be apolitical after associating himself with Trinamool Congress in West Bengal. The last time such a hope was generated was during emergency. The post emergency government did falter and failed to deliver on its promises. It took more than 30 years for a similar hope through IAC and partly AAP only to see it fail again. The golden opportunity is lost and we need to wait for decades for next opportunity.

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