Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The mystery of Neil Nitin Mukesh twitter trends

The trends in twitter is becoming very mysterious by the day. Now following the previous week trend on Aloknath, this week it has turned on Neil Nitin Mukesh. The actor himself has acknowledged the trend and retweeted seven of his favourites. The source of the trend  appears to be untraceable as of now. The twitter has never revealed how a trend is formed or sustained. These things will make sure that such trends will remain a mystery and also for many others. So, get ready for a surprise trend next week.

Neil Nitin Mukesh tweets

@NeilNMukesh: Seriously laughing that I am trending.some rather interesting ones out there .Re-tweeting my 7 Favourite. ENJOY!!!

And his 7 favourites

@SonOfChoudhary: @NeilNMukesh  When Neil Nitin Mukesh takes a selfie, it's a family photo.

@RaZz_One: Ekta Kapoor started that "Nahi... Nahi.... Nahi.... " in her daily soaps after she met Neil Nitin Mukhesh.   @NeilNMukesh

@FanishSingh: @NeilNMukesh Neil Nitin Mukesh is always on conference call.😉😉😉

@gagan_gt: Neil Nitin Mukesh is the only person involved in Love Triangle @NeilNMukesh

@1234varun: What @NeilNMukesh can do but SRK or Salman can't. Group discussion with himself :)

@KalpeshSGajria: Neil nitin mukesh ek teer se teen nishaal maarta hai @NeilNMukesh

@RaZz_One: When Neil Nitin Mukesh was a kid his nanny had to tell him 3 bed- time stories to make him sleep. @NeilNMukesh

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