Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 sectors Modi as PM can modify

Narendra Modi has been projected as a prime ministerial candidate by BJP and many opinion polls so far predicts that he is on his way to occupy that position. Though the voters still have the final say in this matter, political analysts have begun to predict the type of government Modi will offer as a prime minister. Here, are the top 5 sectors to look out for which could be headed for a major modifications if Modi succeeds in his way.
1)Power sector
The power hungry status of India needs no better medicine than Modi. Modi understands the power of this crucial sector and has a track record of delivering on it. So, when Jayalalitha compares her state's statistical figures with that of Gujrats; she misses this crucial sector which has let down her states fortune to a larger extent. Modi has been well versed with the nitty gritty of this crucial sector and the much needed push to this sector can be expected from him.
2)Manufacturing sector
Manufacturing which is intrinsically related to power sector to a large extent is also stand to gain if Modi reaches the top. The emphasis on this sector has been on his agenda which reflects in his speeches and actions in the manufacturing sectors of his state.
3)Infrastructure sector
The idea of smart cities, bullet trains might seem to be like a poll gimmick but Modi might still consider delivering on these promises to be the most important achievement if he has to return to power. Modi does have the idea that the present urban infrastructure has to undergo a major overhaul along with investments in new cities to sustain the rapid development and he is expected to deliver on most of the infrastructural issues with his iron fist approach.
4)Education sector
There are reports of this sector being ignored in this home state but the parameters of judging this sector is highly circumspect. Modi does realize that real development will occur only with honing appropriate skills. Job creation is so much so intrinsically related to this sector that he cannot ignore this sector without taking a hit on the former.
5)Agriculture sector 
The opening of markets to agricultural products has been a major factor in driving the agricultural growth in his home state. The replica could be seen in his national policy too which could give away with archaic government procurement laws and benefit the farmers heavily.

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