Friday, June 13, 2014

Humans : The most dangerous animal !!!

Humans are the most dangerous animal existing on this planet. These lines were impressed upon me by an old woman in a small temple city called Uluvi located in the dense forest region of western ghats. The temple town is also famous for caves which is sparsely explored and by remaining in the midst of the dense forests has escaped the prying eyes of many tourists.
Uluvi Pics
A visit to cave in the wee hours
The first time I visited the caves, I had accompanied by a guide to explore the caves. But this time one of the shopkeeper advised us that we can see it by our own because of better direction boards put up now. So, we started out early and went downhill to the place near the caves. The caves and the absence of other people made us feel a bit insecure. We were afraid of entering into the caves for the fear of animals taking shelter there as it was drizzling all the way. We sat in front of the caves for sometime and got back.
The query of the animals
An old lady who is an inhabitant in that city brought us the tea when we returned back to our accommodation. I started inquiring to her about the caves and the presence of animals around there and how to deal with them in case of an attack. She replied that it was very rare that animals came into the way of humans near that caves and remarked that it is rather "humans are more dangerous animals". On being asked about how to deal with them, she resorted that unlike humans, other animals usually won't interfere in the way of humans and they try to be away from the human beings most of the time. It is; we as humans try to poke them and invite the trouble most of the times. These words made me to think about the older generations which lived in close proximity with these wildlife and concluded that there is lot of truth in the words of that old lady. The humans are indeed "the most dangerous animal" as he has interfered the most in the living of other animals and in many instances completely endangering the ecosystem of the wildlife.

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