Saturday, June 21, 2014

Railway price hike : A right step

The recent price hike by Modi government has the opposition, though looking still like minions are  back into action. They are sensing a opportunity to regain the lost ground and they might be partly correct in the short term. The reality is the next national elections are five years away and Modi has already warned people of bitter pills for the slowing economy. But where the opposition will lose the ground is the implementation of modernization and safety in railways would rather be on a different level altogether. The opposition might not have to wait for too long when the government will be presenting the public with some good infrastructure and essentially marketing it before the opposition realizes what to oppose. The government has categorically stated that given the current mess due to a decade long policy paralysis, it needs at least two years of tough decisions to clean it up. So keep expecting such bitter pills for the next two years.

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