Thursday, July 3, 2014

Spineless opposition is losing it's teeth too

The Loksabha elections threw a decisive mandate and Congress could just manage a mere 43 seats. This ensured Congress would miss out on Leader of opposition party as it missed out on mandatory 10% requirement to occupy that position. The absence of a strong opposition, many argue will give a free run to the government in the power. But finally the ruling party still has an expiry date, beyond which it has to show performance or perish.
National herald, Sunanda Pushkar.....
The National Herald case pursued by Dr.Subramanium Swamy is turning out to be a nightmare for Congress high command. Already a summons has been issued by a lower court on this matter to both Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. The summons is coupled by an action from Income Tax department asking why it should not withdraw exemptions of taxes to Congress party. The issue is proving detrimental to Congress as the mess seems to be at the doorstep of the dynasty. Whether it is one of the modus operandi of illegal and covert asset acquiring tactics by a ruling party or not, the case is definitely taking out some teeth of spineless opposition. Adding salt to the wound is the reemergence of Sunanda Pushkar's unnatural demise and this could well again prove fatal to the dynasty honchos as Dr.Shashi Tharroor is considered one of the blue eyed boy by the dynasty descendents.

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