Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Uber's fiaso : A cycle of failures

Uber has hit the headlines fro the wrong reasons again. But in India, this is a very wrong reason indeed. Bad publicity is not going to end at just publicity here. The government has kicked in response to the knee jerk incident. Now digging the incident reveals an all round failure of system with Uber at the centre stage.
Uber : The ultimate adamant
Uber is known to shrug off it's share of controversy in such situations. There are many incidents of unruly behaviour by the cab drivers which have cause immense sufferings for the travelers but the 40$ billion baby of the Wall Street is too adamant to accept the mistakes anywhere. The company is adamant to the extent of devising a strategy to badmouth the journalists critical of it's operations. But the ban on it seems to be an equally harsh punishment. But is it totally justified? Perhaps may be as Uber has conceded that it did never go for antecedent checking for any of the drivers but just relied on the government documents. Uber now argues that the government is to be partially blamed for letting such drivers get the license. But what on Earth was the advisor to Uber smoking to advice the Uber to rely on government data. An average citizen in India knows the reality, but if the Uber missed that point then the ban is partly justified.
Banning all web based services?
The government after banning Uber in NCR and issuing the same advisory to all other states, now contemplates to take on all the web based car rental services. But the logic behind it is filled with visible loopholes. In Delhi NCR, the reason provided was such type of services are not registered with the authority and it is illegal for them to operate. But wait, were we traveling illegally all these days in such cabs? The institution belonging to the government has issued the license for the driver in this particular incident and the reason for such a lapse is that the driver has somehow managed to put in forged documents. But how can the government authorities go away without any questioning for such a huge lapse. It's this Uber mentality in the institutions which has to serve public that pulls us down again and again.
The bottomline
Banning Uber is a knee jerk reaction to an unfortunate event but it never solves the real problem. Weed out the Uber attitude in all the institutions and the minds of people to solve the menace.

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