Tuesday, December 9, 2014

GOSF 2014 : Pushing the western style

The Great Online Shopping Festival which replicates the Cyber Monday phenomenon in the western countries is gaining ground in India. What began as a lackluster inaugural GOSF in 2012 has become something more substantial today and the upcoming 2014 edition seems more exciting.
The landscape has changed tremendously since 2013 GOSF has passed. The amazon is pouring billions into the market. Flipkart has got several rounds of fat cash infusions. Snapdeal is not way behind snapping some exciting deals.
Consumers are getting a cake this time 
The current storm in the e-commerce is heavily stirred by the hawkish Walls Street investors. The Alibaba's successful IPO and India's ever increasing purchasing parity has set there eyes here. If you find some deep discounts this time on your favorite products, then the chances are it is subsidized by Wall Street rather than a stock clearance effort. So, watch out for the products and go for it this time and enjoy the free cake.

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