Saturday, January 3, 2015

3 compelling reasons to buy a tablet

The iPad was released with huge funfair and critics told that it is just a directionless device. The consumers never thought so and made the tablet market viable for companies other than Apple too. Then came iPad 2 and several of it's competitors, then the critics said it is just a consumption device and there is no productivity enhancement. The time has changed now and the critics no longer exist because the era of hybrid has begun. Here I list the three most compelling reasons to buy a tablet.
  1. Videos, movies, games : And yes it's consuming content created by others. The tablet might not be as big as your personal television but still it is not as small as your smartphone. So the act of lying down on your couch with a tablet is more like a mini television in your hand now. The games and gaming accessories are increasingly available for tablets and the consumption trajectory is no longer going to die down in this category.
  2. Productivity : The companies have changed their views in tablets and now you have all the much taunted productive applications creating a tablet version. Even Microsoft has realised the potential of tablets and launched the Office range of applications for tablets. The tablets are no longer a device where you end up wasting your time on some videos or games; rather you can entirely replace your office work on this portable device unless you require some high configuration devices.
  3. Reading : Finally the Kindle series was launched mostly for this purpose and it successfully created a market. The tablets are the most convenient way for reading because of the apt size. The kindle application is available across all platforms. 
So what are you waiting for; go ahead buy a tablet and start watching, working and unwind yourself by reading something interesting.

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