Friday, April 10, 2015

Zero Sum Game - Here is how digital India is giving Airtel and Flipkart's net neutrality violation a tight slap

While Sachin Bansal is tweeting his support for Airtel's zero scheme, the Indian digital users were planning something else. A group of Indian Reddit users began to use the app store neutrality to counter attack.
Yes and they are badmouthing the Flipkart app at a place, where it hurts the most. Let us hope this newer way of protests breaks down such zero offers in the future.
Earlier, Airtel had tried to bring in differential pricing for internet. But had to back down due to mighty backlash on social media.
The draft report of TRAI prepared recently is open in public for comments on differential pricing. You can sign a petition to support net neutrality here.
Piece of free advice to our dear telecom companies,
"Please try to innovate and provide better services all over the country. Your revenues will automatically increase along with value creation. Do not involve in these sorts of Jugaad marketing tactics."

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