Monday, June 29, 2015

Shooting the imaginary snakes inside your brain

The human nervous system has undergone evolutionary changes over thousands of years to reach the present stage. But the basic tenets remains the same in many aspects. The "fight or flight" response that was responsible for saving oneself from the real dangers of the stone age world is still present in our body today. The same response is being operated in our body excessively leading to many harmful effects in this modern society. 

"Fight or flight" response
Now imagine a man thousands of years ago, coming across a poisonous snakes while waking bare foot in the forests. It is at this type of real dangerous situation, the fight or flight response is activated. Also called as sympathetic activation in medical terms, the changes in the body prepares a man to either fight or fly away from that situation.  

"Fight or flight": Changes in the body 
  • Pupils dilate
    • A more larger view of the surroundings 
  • Heart starts beating more ferociously 
    • More blood to the running legs or fighting arms
  • Respiratory system is overactivated 
    • Breathing in more oxygen for nourishing blood 
  • Fat from cells and glucose from liver are mobilised 
    • Instant energy to the cells 
  • Blood vessels to stomach, kidney and skin is constricted 
    • To divert blood to essential organs like muscles, heart
 Modern society inserts imaginary snakes inside the brain
Imagine the same response occurring perpetually but without the presence of a real snake. The imaginary snakes the society inserts into the brain is enough to activate such response in many individuals. The continuous activation of this stress response has a long term effect on immunity and well being. Hans Selye explains the steps in which our body adapts to such chronic stress levels in a concept called general adaptation syndrome.

Kill the imaginary snakes inside your brain for a healthy life
The society introduces a lot of such snakes in disguise of names like religion, God, job security, relationships, duties, responsibilities, countries. So do not fall in these traps. Just kill all of those snakes inside your brain.

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