Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Top five reasons why Facebook means business as usual now

The largest virtual network of the world is not going to be free for all in the coming days or is it already dipped in pure business. The

1) Supress Supress Supress

Yeah and this will continue until you shell out $$$. Imagine you are not getting articles from your favourite writer friend in your feed. The most likely reason is not that your friend is posting less articles but Facebook suppressing it enough so that your friend becomes apprehensive enough of his low engagement levels to shell out $$$. This blog inNewYork Times explains in detail of such suppression. The blog was two years old and was refuted blatantly by Facebook but I bet you situation has gone for worse now.

2) Your Facebook group is owned by FACEBOOK

Yes, really it's the FACEBOOK which owns it. If you are thinking of great value by just holding a huge group on FB, think again. You need to shell out money to reach your (not so) own group members.

And the posts in the groups reach ridiculously less than 1% of the members in that group except when your post is going super viral and there are tons of tutorials on how to do it.

3) Brand viability but shallow interaction

Billions of people sway through Facebook but how much interaction can one have in this platform? FB is essentially a social platform and with click baits ruling the roast, guess where the genuine things will go in the future. If you are not a big brand, then Facebook has very little to offer.( take a look at point 4 for clarity)

4) Near impossible to start from scratch in FB

Yes!!! It's near impossible. You have a new idea. You start a page on FB and try to advertise for the first time. You enter the details. The advertisement gets approved. BOOM!!! there ends the smooth ride. Within few hours, your account will have suspicious activity; you will be forced to change the password. GOSH your advertisement is put on hold because of the suspicious activity might affect your credit. Then you receive a mail requesting ID confirmation.

And when you confirm, you get a prompt reply that your ad has been suspended because of the suspicious activity and at present cannot be processed. This happens to many of the new groups trying to advertise in Facebook. Look at this Youtube link comments where users are complaining of such FB's actions. And a possible solution post which never worked for me.

5) Facebook videos and other irritating features

The auto play option which by default is on now plays the video content automatically and guess what that's counted as a view. You know numbers are important. Compare that to YouTube which counts as a view only after a certain amount of time the user sees the video. Yes, the FB analytics is way behind what the Google ads or YouTube ads are now.

Remember the core idea of Facebook is stalking and the analytics of such stalking social media is also as murkier as  stalking.

 Well, all said and done FB is still one of the best social media to build the brand. But apart from that, it will become increasingly difficult for other things in future because of it's revenue centric model.

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