Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Changed your DP to tricolor for supporting Digital India: Is it an endorsement of ?

Mark Zuckerberg applied the tricolor filter to his Facebook DP to support the Digital India initiative of Narendra Modi. And shared the FB own's link to apply the filter. Modi reciprocated and so did many of the Indians. But there was some news website thought there is something fishy in the code and started reporting that the code contains some reference to and suggested applying this specific DP can be an endorsement of it's initiative.
The code on the FB tricolor filter page clearly had mention of internetorg but it seems out to be an innocuous code according to Facebook.
 The Facebook's official position
 “There is absolutely no connection between updating your profile picture for digital India and,” a company spokesman said late on Monday night. “An engineer mistakenly used the words ‘ profile picture’ as a shorthand name he chose for part of the code. But this product in no way connects to or registers support for We are changing the code today to eliminate any confusion.”

For now, Facebook has swayed away the fears that a support for digital India is not automatically an endorsement of But the engineer in question who had made the mistake seems to be too much obsessed with his company's bug flagship idea of Whether we are interested or not, Facebook coders are really interested in or are they so disinterested in coding that they copy pasted some stuff without going through the code meticulously? Well the former reason looks more plausible.

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