Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top three reasons why I will start writing like this ....

1) Change with the change  Every other websites are catching up with these reasoning or a point wise representation of facts. Like "Top 5 qualities of a successful entrepreneur" or "10 facts of India-China border face-off ". This makes the article more scannable for the viewers and may be that's why all are following that trend to attract more visitors. 2) Organised writing for myself and more visitors to my blog  May be it will make my writing bit more organised. And it would be more readable than a lengthy nonsense paragraph which I used to often write. Seriously speaking I used to get bored to read them. 3) Organised writing and still no more visitors !!! Then also I would continue doing these task like pointing out the facts. I have to reason here right. Well the reason is I am still a student, and this approach helps me to gain a lot of insight on how to make my exam papers a lot more readable. So whether visitors increase or not, I will be in a win win situation for sure.

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