Saturday, February 11, 2012

Search engine to social networking : Everything can be sold

When you first logged on to Facebook, had you ever imagined that what you do on that social networking site can actually build a 100 billion dollar company one day. The days of conservative ideas have gone. Today innovation leads the way in every field. It all started with a dotcom boom which was pinched off early. The Yahoo story might be the first sweet beginning in the internet arena but before it started fading off, the giant Google was taking the crowns from it. The search engine, the keywords, and the relevant adds did made a fortune for both the companies. The turn now shifted a bit to social networking. Ever wondered how you personal sharing website is worth a billions. It lets companies know you, your preferences and helps in a lot way to deliver its products. But how long will it survive? It will survive till the internet is there but might be in some other forms. Take a look at the Google built from the garage or Facebook created just for sharing among college lads. Tomorrows new companies are born out of nothing. So today these companies might be the best bet in the market. But the best bet is always the Innovation.

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